Team Work

Working with other people can be sometimes stressful and frustrating because different people have different perspectives. Some people are bossy boots type, so he or she always tries to dominate the others, expresses his or her opinions and neglects other’s perspectives. We will find it hard to deal with this type of people and it is also stressful, annoying, and frustrating working with them. However, to overcome this is easy. All we have to do is waiting until he or she stops expressing his or her opinions, then it is our time. He or she might not listen to our ideas, but we can give him or her a reasonable clarification about why we think our opinions are good, then he or she will listen to us because I believe people are reasonable.

However, working with different types of people can be fun and smart as well. We can gather a lot of ideas or opinions if we work with the others. We will realize what type of person we are and we will become more flexible. We will try our best to fit in a group that we work in. Working with others are great, we can accomplish something together, we share happiness, we share sadness. We will not feel lonely when we work with the others. We will always feel courageous and it is the way that keep us working hard.

One thing to remember:

if we work as a group and we do not success, do not put a blame on the others and say “if you trust me or if you use my point, our team will success,” do not even think of saying this phrase and put a blame on the others, we should put a blame on ourselves, we should think that we do not work hard enough, and we do not give a logical explanation to our team members why they should use you point. Moreover, rather than put a blame on the others, we should take that failing step as our experience and work harder next time.

Team work makes the dream work!

Click here to see why team work is important



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