Cambodia, Kingdom of What?

On 10th July 2016, an opposed political activist, Mr Kem Ley was shot dead in a coffee shop at a gas station in Phnom Penh before 9am. The majority of the people in Cambodia believe that the assassination of Mr Kem Ley was definitely involved with politics since he was the one who always analyzed the political situation in Cambodia and he was also the one who opposed to the government. Recently, he analyzed about the business that our prime minister’s family involve (what he analyzed was based on Global Witness and it shows about the corrupted activity involving with our prime minister.) Though the majority think the assassination was because of politics, the murderer was already arrested. The killer’s name is “Choub Somlab” which means “Meet Kill” in Cambodia which is indeed a really ridiculous name and the reason that Choub Somlab killed Mr Kem Ley was because Mr Kem Ley owned him $3000US and he did not pay him back. The name of the killer and the reason that he killed this political analyst are nonsense and the citizens think that everything is just a plot; the killer were hired by someone to kill Mr Kem Ley.

BBC , The New York Times, Phnom Penh Post, VOA, and other news has been posting a lot of news relating to the murder of Cambodia political analyst.

A lot of Videos of the dead body of Mr Kem Ley and how the people react to the situation after he died was posting on YouTube and other types social media. Not only him who was believed to be killed due to political reasons, but Mr Chun Vuthy and Mr Chea Vichea were also murdered.



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