Be optimistic about life

Some people have a tough background. However, we all should be optimistic with our life. We are lucky enough to be born in this mundane and get to know what life is. We ought not give up. We have to move on, create our chance, and make our future.

Not everyone will satisfy with our great result, yet not everyone will happy with our failure. We are people. We have those who love us and those who hate us. Don’t give up and be defeated by the hatred, yet tell them that we will never fall down no matter what. Proof them that they underestimate us. Proof them that we can be better than this.

We have to keep going and keep encouraging ourselves. Future is beyond what we see. No one could predict the future, yet everyone can foremost it by focusing on what they have in the present time. Facilitate what they have, try to find a chance or make a chance, then make a change. No one can control our life; we, people, are the one who control it !


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