How Industrial Revolution Impact the World

Industrial revolution began during the 18th and 19th century. It was first started in Great Britain then spread to other parts of the world such as Europe and America. It was the period when people changed their way of living from using labor to using mechanical materials. It was also the time when mass majority of people migrated from rural and agrarian area to urban area. A lot of things were changed during that time and people’s ways of living were also changed. Industrial revolution marks as the most significant event that has shaped the world in term of social, and economic.

The burst of industrial revolution increases standard living condition of people and develops the society. Before the industrial revolution, people lived in a rural area as a small group. Their life depended upon farming or any cultivated activities. However, during the industrial revolution, a lot of industries such as cottage industries and textile industries were created; therefore, those people who lived in rural area had to come to the urban area where a lot of jobs were offered. This led to the ascent of mass society (Sonia and Solomon, 1994, 4). Since then people live and move into urban area. Interestingly, nowadays, this area becomes a special place for everyone; it is the place that provides a lot of job opportunities and contains a lot of facilities like factories, schools, hospital, and the like. Industrial revolution also facilitates people’s way of living by introducing new tools and new harvesting techniques. Due to this reason, the amount of agricultural products was increased during that time (The British Museum). One can say that if there was no industrial revolution, the new harvesting techniques would not be introduced and people would just use the traditional way of growing crops; therefore, there would not be adequate supply for us nowadays. The innovation of steam power, spinning jenny, and especially electricity were also introduced during the industrial revolution. Without the invention of those things during the revolution, all kind of transportation, gadget, light, and also machine would not be found, and people could not enjoy their life ecstatically as they do now. In short, industrial revolution changes our social life by shifting the way people live. It alters our life’s pattern from living in a small group to living in a mass society where a lot technology has been introduced.

Industrial revolution also alters the economic condition in the society. The world transferred from the agricultural world to the industrial world. A lot of technological things were established. It helped the craftsmen produce more things effectively and efficiently. Those things were then exported to another part of the world leading to the growth of worldwide trade. Labor forces were needed in the society and people exploited mineral resources to produce other products. Due to the trading advancement, the banking and investment system were introduced (Roger B, 2005). This helped the economic in the society. For example, in the United Kingdom, the industrial economy rose annually between 2 to 3 percent from 1793 to 1817. Due to this reason, one could say that industrial products or manufactured goods played an important role in British’s economy. Significantly, in 1830, 90 percent of the manufactured goods were exported to other parts of the world (Phyllis, 1957). This shows that without the industrial revolution, the trade between countries would not be as busy as it is now and banking and investment system would not be known in the present day. Furthermore, industrial revolution marks as the birth of labor union. During the industrial revolution, people worked under the insanity environment with low income. Therefore, those people consolidated and formed an organization. They caused strike and riots in order to demand their employers for better working condition and suitable wages. As the result, labor union was formed in the sense that it would protect the labor’s rights, give them appropriate wages, and work under suitable environment (The International World History Project). In short, industrial revolution shapes the economics condition by increasing the trade activities, developing the back and investment system as well as creating the labor union. Without the industrial revolution, trade would not be as active as it is nowadays and there would be no labor union to protect people right.

In conclusion, industrial revolution marks as the most essential event in world history. It impacts the whole world in term of social and economics. Without industrial revolution, people perhaps live in as a small tribe and there would be no relation between people. They would not be able to use technological products like TV, cars, phones, laptops and so-on. Trade between countries would not as busy as it is today. Labor law would not be introduced, so people would just work under an insanity condition with inadequate income. Industrial revolution plays an important role in shaping the world.


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