Smy’s Future House

At the age of 19, I have a dream; a dream of having a house. This house shall be somewhere in Phnom Penh (Should be outskirt of this city because I don’t really like crowded place & the real estate price in this city is quite high -__-).

This dream is a genuine dream of mine and I will make it happen no matter what. I set a due date for this dream. At the age of Β 27, this dream need to be accomplished (This means that I have to exert myself right after I get a job).

If it goes according to plan, I will buy a piece of land at Sangkat Chak Angrae Ler (On Hun Sen Blvd, I guess). The land would be quite big as I want my future house to be a contemporary type of house or modern house or Mid 20th century type of house.


The house does not have to be this big, but I just need the ground floor to be somehow decorated with glasses and hmm I also need one swimming pool.

As for the inferior design, I want my dream house to be an industrial loft type of design, but hmm contemporary shall be fine as well. The ground floor should be just a living room, a bath room, a study room with lots of bookshelf, a studio room where I can sing and record some music, and a guess room.

As for the second floor, there should be only my room and the rest is the open space.

Yeah! So that’s pretty much of my dream πŸ™‚ Pretty simple yet I know it’s not that easy to achieve it. Gotta work hard!!

But really, I will make this dream happen!!!


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